SC TRANSCOM SRL is a company with fully Romanian owned capital. We started our activity in 1994.

Over the years, we have adapted to the demands of a continually changing marketplace.

We always searched for optimal solutions in order to provide the quality that our clients needed.

Sample background

Ionut Podeanu


As management, we consider that our people have to be focused and motivated.

We are doing our best to provide proper working environment for our team.

We invested continuously in equipments and technology, in order to provide high quality services. We believe that reliable equipments offer the stability in growth, but the team is what really matters.

Our planners offer constant effort in order to bring the freight from loading place to unloading place in the shortest time and safest conditions.

In case of technical breakdown, the support is ensured by our Technical & Cost-Control department, which is providing the fastest solution to any situation, in order to bring the truck back on the road.

The drivers are always doing their best to avoid any dangerous situations and deliver the freight in the same condition that it was loaded.

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